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Useful information

The monetary unit is the UAE Dirham, which is divided into 100 fills, and on parity with the USD - 1 USD = 3.67 UAE Dirham. Most foreign currencies may be exchanged at the reception desk.

Check-in Time is 2pm local time. Although the resort will always attempt to provide rooms upon arrival, access before 2pm can only be guaranteed by reserving your room for an additional night prior to date of arrival.

Check-out Time is 12 noon local time. Late check out is subject to availability. An additional late departure fee may apply.

Smoking Policy
Dubai has now joined the growing number of international cities in promoting a smoke-free environment. New regulations from the Dubai Government prohibit smoking in all indoor areas, including bars, restaurants and lounges.

The power supply in Dubai operates at 220 volts; adaptors are available - converters are not.

Time zone
Dubai standard time is four hours ahead of Greenwich Mean Time (GMT 4). Weather, The climate is sub-tropical, with sunny blue skies and high temperatures for most of the year. Rainfall is minimal.

One&Only The Palm GDS Codes:
Sabre OO132595
Galileo OO30190
Worldspan OODXBOO
Pegs OO29069
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